Milktee Studios

About Us

Located in East Asia, Milktee Studios is the brainchild of ex-author Fionn Jameson.

After playing game after game of somewhat milquetoast-esque heroines who seem too young to truly feel immersive,

(she hates writing in third person, so let’s ditch that, shall we?)

After writing professionally for the last decade, a while ago, I found myself staring at my latest WIP, hating everything about it and everything about me. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a burn out, but I couldn’t look at any of my WIPs without feeling sick. As a writer who depends on the income generated from her books, this was not a good mental state to be in.

To refresh my mind, I spent a few days away from my writing and played a bunch of mediocre to great games on my computer/Nintendo 3ds.

As I was playing through the umpteenth oto-ge (otome game), I came to the conclusion that I was sick of playing as a high school girl. Sure, some people might enjoy that trip down memory lane, but high school was kind of meh for me, and there was no way the boys in school were half as dashing as the guys in the game.

Also, the games were way too tame. I wanted these games to fill me with the same excitement and trepidation as romance novels, intimate scenes that didn’t fade out into black, leaving me shouting “What? That’s it?!”

There’s got to be other people