Milktee Studios

 Rika Hasegawa has the perfect job, but it comes with some unusual duties. As a secretary at one of Japan’s largest publishing companies, she gets to read as many books as she wants, but the one thing she must do is keep her bosses’ office affair a secret. So when they get caught in the act and fired, Rika’s in the hot-seat now, this time with the hot new boss. Goodbye online gossip and computer solitaire!

Nobuki Miyano might be sexiest man Rika has ever seen, but he’s also the rudest, most arrogant jerk she’s ever worked for. Though she loathes Nobuki, there’s something deeper between them, a magnetic attraction the lazy bookworm and genius workaholic can’t deny. Will the tension between them ruin her career, or can Rika keep her job and learn to love the handsome devil?


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