Milktee Studios

Rika Hasegawa has just received a promotion. And that means spending even more time with her infuriatingly sexy boss, as well as traveling with him to Los Angeles. One thing she never expected was that Nobuki would turn her heart inside-out in under a week.

Nobuki Miyano is the coldest man Rika’s ever met, but he’s the only thing she ever dreams of. Determined not to let him get the best of her, she decides that all she needs is one night—just one night—to get him out of her fevered dreams forever…by luring him into her bed. Nobuki is willing, but on two conditions: one, no one can know, and two, no emotions allowed.

That’s when things get complicated. Julian Lambert is her boss’s best friend, the day to his night, a shining light in the darkness that surrounds Nobuki. He’s the perfect angel…and there’s undeniable heat between them. Julian only has one request—that Rika leave Nobuki behind and stay with him in California.

In the end, she must decide: will she let herself fall for the Angel…or give herself up to the Devil?


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